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The Art of Team Coaching

Everything You Need for Successful Coaching!

In the past, coaches commanded automatic respect from athletes. They could tell a team what to do, and it would be done, without question. But times have changed.

Today's coaches need new ways to motivate athletes. "The Art of Team Coaching" gives you powerful methods for bringing out of the best in all team members.

You get practical advice on

- setting team goals
- planning seasons and practices
- selecting players for your team
- coaching during games
- teaching new skills

The "Art of Team Coaching" ensures a satisfying, enjoyable sports experience for both coach and player.

What Coaches Say about "The Art of Team Coaching":

"The Art of Team Coaching" is truly a "hands-on" masterpiece on how to coach. If you love to coach it's a "must-have" book, no matter what team sport or at what level you coach."

- Guilio Giordani
Defensive Coordinator for 15 years
University of Toronto Varsity Blues football team.

"I found the book quite useful,. It has caused me to re-examine some of the things I do and has re-affirmed some of the things I am doing now."

- Ron Pithers
Physical Education Teacher and Coach for 35 years.

Jim Hinkson has been coaching teams for over 25 years. As well as teaching physical education and coaching at Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Ontario, he has worked with athletes at the University of Syracuse Basketball camp and the New York Saints of the National Lacrosse League.

This Book Dedicated and In Memory of Ryan Haber

"The True Warrior"

The Machine

Masked warriors covered in
layers of armor,
filled with a hunger--a hunger
that cannot be explained.

The opposition shudders
at the sight of them,
hoping that their best will be enough
to overcome this machine.

They go to war on a cement battlefiedl,
nothing getting in their way.

This red, white, and blue machine--

the fuel for this machine--teamwork.

I am one of these warriors

and I belong to a team where there are

three keys to survival: heart, desire, and descipline.

On the battlefield is where a boy
with one decision, one flick of his wrists,
can become a man.

The name of this team is the Whitby Warriors Lacrosse Team,
and I am Ryan Haber

                                    --by Ryan Haber, Grade 10 (1998)