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It takes a system and a sound philosophy to be successful at most everything we do. Jim Hinkson brings to you his many successful years in lacrosse via this lacrosse book. Every player, spectator, or coach will find the following chapters interesting and valuable as they master their particular situations in this fast-paced game.

Coach Hinkson’s book is a virtual road map of how to play, coach, or understand this purely North American sport. Jim Hinkson is eminently qualified as a player-coach to impart his ultimate knowledge of this great game.

Since the 17th century when European explorers witnessed this game for the first time, lacrosse has grown in sophistication. A way of life for native Americans has developed internationally into one of the best games for spectator and athlete alike. The Canadians in 1920, for example, adapted this Native American game to fit the many idle ice hockey rinks in the off-season.

This Native American/Canadian game is a gift from the Creator. Prior to the French name La Crosse, the Native Americans had different names for this sport translated as "bump hips." The game has developed in two directions in the 20th century: the box and the field games. Both are quick and furious; both require great stamina and ball control.

Coach Hinkson masters both types of games in this text. He has fully explained all the individual skills in his first book, Lacrosse Fundamentals. He now covers team play both defensively and offensively with a great system and philosophy in his Lacrosse Team Strategies. The book imparts the spirit and the skills of the game in clear detail. The coaches’ drills are outstanding for the novice and pro alike. Understanding Coach Hinkson’s ideas will prepare you to win--in this, the fastest game on foot.

Coach Hinkson believes in the beauty of the sport itself for participants and spectators. He builds an arena of dreams and purpose for all. Take advantage of this, the most important book of its kind, explaining why lacrosse is a tradition that continues.


Coach Roy Simmons Jr.
--Syracuse University

NCAA Div. 1 National Lacrosse Champions (‘83, ‘88, ‘89, ’90, ’93, ’95)