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Lacrosse Fundamentals (First and Second Edition)

Scholastic Coach write-up:

Write-up on Lacrosse Fundamentals in Scholastic Coach.

The great Canadian lacrosse player/coach does a nice authoritative job of demonstrating and analyzing the individual fundamentals of his sport, starting with three kinds of cradling and proceeding through catching, passing, loose-ball strategies, one-on-one moves, cross-checking, shooting, face-offs, and goaltending.

He breaks each of these basics down into its competent parts and tells you exactly how to perform them and practice them. The blending of pictures and text is impeccable.

Canadian Book Review added:

Lacrosse is a game of fast-paced, almost continuous play, which makes it difficult to describe the fame's components in a step-by-step fashion. Hinkson has succeeded in doing so. His well-written and generously illustrated book will be of particular use to players, coaches, and educators.